Zenly 4.54.1 MOD APK for Android free download is a valuable GPS locator and tracking tool. The application allows users to track the real-time location of friends.

Zenly APK is a great tracking app on smartphones. You can quickly connect and know the GPS location of your friends through many valuable tools.

The application brings many convenient and safe experiences to smartphones. If you like popular social chat platforms, then you will love the app’s capabilities.

The app is free, easy to install and use.

An overview of the app

The app emphasizes connection, and users can quickly connect to friends’ locations. The application provides useful features to create a close bond between members in any case.

In addition, the application offers interesting group chats between group members. Of course, users can locate team members with real-time GPS locations.

The app also has popular and unique emoticons. If you like fun chats, then the app will please you.


Zenly Mod APK has exclusive and exciting features. The application brings closer than ever to everyone.

  • The app provides the exact location. You can use the app to get directions to your friend’s meeting point.
  • The app determines the location of the team members using a real-time map. Therefore, you can know about the safe place of your friends.
  • The application ensures user privacy, and you can choose to share your current location.
  • Not only does the app provide fun group chats (via cute icons), but it also protects confidential information in private chats.
  • You can know about the announcements of the group members.


In short, the app for Android provides a great connection to your team members. The application has many useful features and is trusted by thousands of users around the world.

Download the app to ensure you stay connected with your loved ones!

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