Zen Koi 2

Zen Koi 2 apk is an extremely relaxing fish farming game with beautiful images and gentle, pure background music. You will raise beautiful Koi fish.

Zen Koi 2 apk is the sequel to LandShark Games’ highly soothing and amusing fish farming game Zen Koi. In comparison to the original edition, Zen Koi 2 provides a superior experience due to the integration of new features based on player feedback and the designer’s creative thinking.

Join Zen Koi 2 for Android and you will feel as if you are taking part in an exciting adventure in the ocean environment. Your duty will be to direct the fish to swim, chase and devour smaller things for them to develop. Find other Koi fish and crossbreed them to produce a new breed of Koi, then make a beautiful aquarium for them. Finally, the fish develop and transform into dragons.

The following are the main features of the Zen Koi 2 app:

  1. Graphics that are smooth and top-notch.
  2. There are many different kinds of fish.
  3. A lively and gentle tone.
  4. It allows you to unwind after a long day at work.

Zen Koi 2 for Android is a playground for people seeking a casual game genre with a calm, tranquil, and meditative style to rest their brains afterward, with a simple, leisurely one-touch gameplay. A long, hard day’s labor. You will make friends with beautiful Koi fish, listen to murmuring water and pleasant melodies, and freely decorate the aquarium in your unique style.

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LandShark Games

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