Yousician 4.38.0 MOD APK Free Download will be the app that can allow you to control your skill easier. This Yousician could be the only key for you to learn an instrument.

Yousician for Android will be available for Android users. This app can be the solution for you to learn more about the instrument you might like. Thanks to this app, a lot of people have learned how to control their skills. And manage their knowledge about the music.

Yousician and other features:

In this app, your instrument will be divided into categories. Each one of them will come with different instructions. And you need to read these instructions often to know better about the app.

Also, in the app, you can find 100+ songs we have added. These songs will allow you to get into the learning more accessible. It would be best to listen to the song and then try to read the music mode.

Each time you learn a new note, you can practice by repeating the note several times. After that, you can move on and try another feature we have for you.


The app not only allows you to read the notes more effortlessly, but it also allows you to play them in fingerstyle. This means you can play the song in different ways, depending on your creativity.

There will also be some new chords you might find in the app. And these chords will help you to read and play a lot of songs.

Weekly Challenge

Yousician Mod APK added a new function to the app. And this function will allow you to compete with other people from around the world. Please show them your skill and battle for reward.

This is like an event on the app. So you can take part in these events weekly. Have fun and be a master of your sound!

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