X-plore 4.27.65 MOD APK is a file manager program for mobile phones that provides extensive capabilities for the file system on mobile devices. Find out more about it.

X-plore APK also allows users to look inside an Android phone or tablet. This is an application that enables double-panel viewing, which means you can examine two directories at the same time, as well as typical actions like transferring files from one table to another.

Furthermore, X-plore for Android presents the folder system as a tree. Users can easily keep track of where the file system is and rapidly relocate it to another location as a result of this. Well, that’s not all

Main Features of X-plore APK:

  1. Tree view in two panes.
  2. Manager of Applications.
  3. Image, audio, and text viewers are built-in.
  4. Subtitled video player.
  5. View the APK file as a ZIP archive.

In summary, X-Plore APK is a very nice and useful Tool for Android that allows you to deal with any file. With this application, you can simply execute any operation with any file type and control your file system. Now is the time to download it and try out its advantages!

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Additional information

7.4 MB
Developed by
Lonely Cat Games

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