WAPWhatsApp 16 MOD APK for Android free download will be that app that can connect you and other people. This app will be for Android, and IOS users will soon have this app on their phones.

WAPWhatsApp APK is an app that can help you connect to other people. When coming to this app, you can call, text, and send them a video.

About the new update we make for this one, you can view the content below:

  • This app will allow you to send videos, images, and other files to your friends. All you need is to keep your connection with other people, and this function will work.
  • Emoji packages will be available for you. You need to download them from the main page and then try them. This package will be updated soon and have more choices for you.
  • The app we give you will be for Android. The version that you can download and use on IOS will soon be ready.
  • You can set up a password for this app. In this way, there will be no one who can access your profile. This means you will be safe from other people who view your profiles.

New updates:

  • Your message, conversation, video, and profile will be kept secret. There will be no one who can take them without asking for your permission.
  • This app will help you with the resize, length, and quality of the files. You can use this function to make sure that your files will be in the best form.
  • We will update this app for more features. If you want more info about this app, please come to the main page. You shall have the support for new functions there.

We have more apps for you on the main page. This is a free valuable app for you!

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