Sword Master Story

Sword Master Story apk is a new mobile RPG created by CODECAT and released by Super Planet. The game takes you on a trip through different monsters as you go through the plot.

Sword Master Story puts you in the noble role of the Great Sword Master in the game’s fabled realm, where you battle for mankind’s peace. Throughout the combat, you may make female saints your allies and fight with them on the never-ending battlefield to understand the plot’s mysteries every 10 levels.

Furthermore, the auto-hit option of this smartphone game allows players to watch the characters battle for hours on end. Not only that, but Sword Master Story for Android has a variety of game types, such as PvP, in which players may compete with other players to reach the top of the World. Aside from the Guild system, it also assists players in connecting with comrades.

The main features of the Sword Master Story app:

  1. Automatic game mode.
  2. Unique pixel graphics.
  3. There are many adorable characters.
  4. There are several pieces of equipment and weaponry to pick from.

Sword Master Story for Android is a role playing game in which the player assumes the position of the sole sword master of the Other World. Face the power of evil in fast-paced, explosive hack-and-slash battles and engaging action RPG gameplay.

You can enlist the support of very beautiful female characters to help you destroy your enemies. Download now to your phone to experience these amazing graphics.

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Additional information

243.8 MB
Developed by
Super Planet

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