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Root Checker APK is a personal utility software that lets you determine whether or not your phone is rooted.

Root Checker is made to be complimentary on Android devices. Root Checker APP is a simple application that allows you to determine whether your smartphone is rooted or not in seconds with a single button press. This implies that the software will not assist you with rooting your smartphone or doing any other similar operation.

There are tools in Root Checker for Android that can tell you what condition your device is in. It’s a free tool that’s quick and easy to use. Once installed, the Root Checker APP will check to see if your smartphone or tablet is fully rooted and operational.

Root Checker APK main features:

  1. Check and double-check that the subinary is correctly positioned on the device.
  2. Check to see that the subinary is functioning properly.
  3. Share root findings via Bluetooth, Gmail, Hangouts, Google+, and so forth.
  4. Simple design that is simple to utilize.

The Root Checker APP is ideal for inexperienced smartphone users and those who are new to rooting. Root Checker for Android, with its user-friendly layout, simple functions, and lack of fuss, will undoubtedly delight you to the hilt.

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