Prince of Persia Classic

Prince of Persia Classic 2.1 MOD APK for Android is the adventure you can join in. This Prince of Persia Classic 2.1 adventure will bring you obstacles and challenges.

Prince of Persia Classic is a game about the journey of you and Persia. In this kingdom, the poor never get enough food, and the rich always live in luxury.

This game will show you the way to maintain justice in this kingdom. You will go through a lot of adventures. Each one will lead you to a challenge and death trap. Come over them, and you shall get your win!

Prince of Persia Classic 2.1

This is a small game, and you will play the role of a hero from Persia. Your mission in this game will be to save your princess and kill the bad guy. There will be a lot of challenges you need to finish before winning this game.

This is an action game, and your enemy will keep coming to stop you from ending your battle. This game will bring you three modes, and each mode will have a unique play style.

The first mode will be the normal one. And in this mode, you need to play along with the story of this game. The next mode will be the Time Attack mode, when you need to fight more if you want to win.

The last mode in Prince of Persia Classic Mod APK will be the Survival mode. This mode will be the toughest one you can play.

Prince of Persia Classic 2.1 Free Download

There will be a lot of things you can do with this game. Update it will be a good idea for more fun play. The game will allow you to have access to the setting to change the texture and graphics of the game. Your phone will have better performance with it.

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