Pixiz 1.7.0 MOD APK for Android free download will help you to look better when using this app for your pics. Pixiz APK will be that app for Android phones and help you look better.

Pixiz APK will help you a lot when you want to look better. This app will be for people who have no skill in taking pictures.

There will be some useful functions that allow you to adjust the pics. It would be best if you never had a photographer when you have this app inside your phone.

New help for users:

Besides the download free for your phone, this app we have will allow you to do more. With the new features we have added to this app, you will now have complete control over your phone.

  • This app will provide some frames that you can use for your pics. You can also download more of them from the main page.
  • There will be some icons, text, and also notes you can add to the pics. We will support you with the icon resize and also adjust the position. All you need is to choose which one you like and then add it to your pics.
  • With this app, you can now manage the contrast, light, color, and other things that happen inside your pic. We also have some custom settings that you can also make on the pics.
  • Pixiz APK has a limit on the pic you can adjust. But that will be changed in the next version of this one. You shall have more space and more size for your pictures.

This app is for Android.

We are working on the version for IOS and also PC. If you like this app, you can download it from our page. We will not add this one on CH Play, so you are not going to find it there. Have fun.

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