Millionhere 1.06 Mod APK Free Download is an app, and inside this app will be some new games for you. All the games that Millionhere brought to you will be free and belong to a puzzle game.

Millionhere APK for Android has a lot of new games for you. Each one of them will allow you to have better control over your game collection. You can download more, delete and also update them.

To know about this app feature, come and read our post. We will bring you anything we know about this app.

Too quickly:

This app can allow you to win if you correct the color of it. This game will test your reflex when you need to press and hold until you see the right color that matches the game rules.

Release as fast as you can to correct the color. This will be the way for you to win this game.

Remember me:

Millionhere will send you a game that tests your memory. When using this app, you will be able to play a puzzle game. All you need will be to remember the symbol, character, and shape. They will all be sent to you, and your job will remember them. Once the trim ends, you need to select the right one that appears before. And that is how you play this one.

Memory Grid 2:

This game will be more challenging, and you need to remember more about it. Millionhere APK asks you to remember the symbol that has been shown to you, and it will be highlighted so you can see clearer. After that, the game will hide these symbols, and you need to find them again.

For Android users, we will send you more games such as Shades 2. The app needs your login to play, so create an account and start your game.

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Jengatron Gaming Private Limited

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