Hotel Hideaway

Hotel Hideaway apk is an online 3D role playing game where you get to meet a lot of characters. A lively virtual world, with exciting adventures and fun activities.

Hotel Hideaway allows users to dress up their avatar to wow the crowd. There are several clothes, goods, and accessories to pick from. Make your own space unique by adding stunning furniture and accessories. Chat with cute multiplayer gaming characters and discover hidden gestures and elegant dances.

Whatever you want to do with your leisure time, Hotel Hideaway for Android is a place where players may freely engage and behave. It’s simple to meet friends and have fun with so many different methods to interact. Anyone may be lost for hours, and there are numerous mysteries to be discovered.

The main features of the Hotel Hideaway app:

  1. There are many lovely ornamental items.
  2. 3D images that seem real.
  3. Make new acquaintances and engage with strangers.
  4. There are a lot of intriguing activities in the game.

Hotel Hideaway for Android is a top 3D role playing game with gorgeous visuals and realistic imagery, providing players the most genuine sense when the events in the game occur in real life. This game allows you to freely express your personality and hobbies by creating avatars and customizing your house and space. Get this game today to be able to freely design your ideal planet.

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Additional information

70.9 MB
Developed by
Sulake Corporation Oy

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