Hago 4.5.4 MOD APK for Android free download brings connection through sound. You can interact with a lot of strangers all over the world. The application also has many minigames.

Hago APK brings global connectivity through voice. If you are a loner and like to chat, then this app is a great choice.

Get the app if you like making friends online through voice. The app is incredible and completely free.

An overview of the app

The application provides an extensive social network, and everyone connects through voice. In addition, users can participate in simple and highly entertaining mini-games.

Users will love the light and simple mini-games. You have a lot of wonderful leisure time with the application. Most of the games are simple, so the app is suitable for everyone.

How to install and use the application is also extremely simple.


Hago Mod APK brings many attractive points such as:

  • The app gives random connections. You can randomly connect with another person of the same age. Therefore, you will have a lot of fun and exciting conversations.
  • The mini-games are varied and simple. The app has about 80 different unique minigames.
  • You will randomly fight with other players in each minigame. Both can play fun games and interact with each other via emojis or voice chat. Of course, you can also invite your friends to join the minigames.
  • The app has over 100 million downloads worldwide so that you can connect with millions of interesting people around the world.
  • You can create chat rooms and have fun chatting with everyone.
  • The application allows you to connect with friends through phone numbers or social network accounts.


In short, the application offers fun conversations. The app is a great connection, and you will make many new friends.

Download the app for Android to experience exciting and fun conversations!

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Additional information

82 MB
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Hago Games

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