Game Booster

Game Booster 1.5.1 MOD APK is a program that helps users to improve their mobile devices for better game performance.

With the aid of Game Booster APK, you may install heavy games and dramatically reduce latency and lag for a better gaming experience on your phone, whether it has a low or high setup.

Game Booster for Android is a simple-to-use yet powerful game optimization application that is required for each player who desires a pleasant gaming experience.It improves FPS and processor performance for maximum gaming performance by eliminating superfluous gaming processes and programs with a few easy touch.

Main Features of Game Booster APK:

  1. Use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve your game automatically.
  2. CPU enhancement.
  3. Improve network latency and unlock high FPS levels.
  4. Avoid overheating the gadget.
  5. Simple game settings, quick starting, and quick acceleration.

In conclusion, given those capabilities, this may be called a fantastic Android Tool. When compared to other programs and utilities, the application that makes this game stand out. Download the Game Booster app now to get started with the awesome utilities right now!

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Additional information

9.6 MB
Developed by
G19 Mobile

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