FotoRus 7.2.4 MOD APK for Android free download is an app that you can edit your photo on. This FotoRus APK will allow you to send your photo to others after you completed your edition.

FotoRus APK for Android can be the best solution for your photo edit. There will be other apps just like this one that you can download and use for free. But come with us and see why you would like to use it.

Inside the app:

In this app, you will have a lot of tools for your design. There will be no limit on edit and also the size of your photo.

You can select the mode of this app to take the photo. Or you can bring another photo inside your phone and edit it.

Your photo after that will be delivered to the edit window. In this one, you can choose frame, color, resize, cut down the photo or add effect into it. There will be a lot of things you can do with your photo.

Edit your body:

This app not only allows you to adjust the photo detail. It will also allow you to edit your body. You can change the hip, leg, breast, face and other parts of your body. And depending on the version of this app, you can do more than that.

FotoRus APK may look like an app for girls who need to change their outlook. This will be a useful app for you. And we will bring more features to this app so men also can use it.

For Android users:

This is a product for Android, and you shall need it for your photo. This is not the newest version of this app, and we will soon bring it to your IOS phone. Come and join us to make yourself look better!

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