Facejjang 2.68 MOD APK for Android free download will be fun that you need to have for yourself. This Facejjang APK will allow you to make fun of famous people and yourself.

Facejjang APK will be that app you can not miss. This app will help you to adjust the pics that have been custom before. These pics will be full of famous people.

We have some KPop stars, some singers, and some comedy actors inside this app. When coming to this app, all you have to do will be to add your face in the custom pics.

The fun will be better when you use your friend to take pics. That could be a good prank that you can make on your friend, family, or maybe someone you hate.

For computers users:

The remarkable thing inside this app will allow you to download and use it on PC and mobile. This is not like other apps we have made. So when you want to use this app for your PC, there will be no limit.

In this app, you will be able to make some videos too. The app will send you a video that already has the face marked “?”. All you have to do is choose the pic you want to add to that spot. And this app will do the rest of it.

What else can this app do?

In the new update, we have added a new function to it. You can now download and install it for your PC, phone, tablet.

This app version will allow you to add text in your pic, video. That will be a good idea for a better message to your friend, family, and other people.

Facejjang APK is now available online, join us and leave with fun!

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Additional information

49.3 MB
Developed by
Sangmin Bang

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