Dragon Ball Strongest War

Dragon Ball Strongest War 1.305.0.1 MOD APK for Android will be the RPG game you need. This Dragon Ball Strongest War APK will lead you to a journey of Goku and his friend.

Dragon Ball Strongest War is now free for your download. This is the next version of the Goku Dragon Ball collection. In this version, you will be allowed to choose other characters such as Yamcha, Krilin, and Chichi.

These characters will come with skill and ability. We think that you should try all the characters to know who will be the best one for you.

And in this game, there will be a mission for you to take and complete. Train yourself to be the best warrior because you will never know what comes to you next!

Dragon Ball Strongest War

This journey begins when Goku and his friend decide to have an adventure by themselves. And this adventure will be very long. They will come together and explore the truth about Dragonball from legend.

In this journey, they will have to fight with a lot of enemies. And a good skill will be that they need for that battle.

Dragon Ball Strongest War APK

When you play Goku, you will have a good stretch and high reflection. With this character, you can end a lot of enemies in one single hit.

But he also has some weaknesses, and that will be your problem. You need to master his skill so the enemy can not find your weak spot.

The game will send you some missions, and most of them will be to fight and collect things.

Dragon Ball Strongest War Free Download

This free game is now open for your download, so wait no more and join us now!

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