DENT 4.0.0 MOD APK for Android free download provides convenience for mobile recharge. The application allows users to recharge for any popular telecommunications network.

DENT APK is a necessary addition if you often use voice calls. The application has a prominent red interface.

The app allows users to send mobile recharges to anyone. If you use the app, you can quickly transfer money to anyone through a mobile plan.

The app offers convenient payment, and you can send money anywhere in the world. Download the app and experience the great convenience of telecom!

An overview of the app

The app allows users to send mobile data to anyone in the world. Alternatively, you can recharge your phone for yourself or a friend. All operations are simple and easy.

The app offers a digital SIM card to get global data plans in over 60 different countries. You can travel anywhere, and the app is a trusted friend.

Plus, you can call your family and friends for free via the app. The transmission quality is stable and fast.


DENT Mod APK has many attractive points such as:

  • You can call family and friends globally for free.
  • The app allows users to get free points through daily special rewards or survey walls.
  • Users can purchase additional points with PayPal, credit card or cryptocurrency.
  • The application allows users to recharge their phones. The app supports more than 200 telecom service providers in more than 55 countries.
  • The app offers global data plans. Therefore, you can travel anywhere, and you have an internet connection wherever you are.


In short, the application is handy for any smartphone. The app offers mobile packages, and you have a great experience wherever you are.

The application links a lot of telecommunications networks well. In addition, you can receive many promotions or special offers during use.

Download the app for Android to get your mobile plan ready!

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