DEAD TARGET: Zombie 4.67.0 MOD APK for Android will be the survival game you need to try. The DEAD TARGET: Zombie will be an endless fight between you and zombies.

DEAD TARGET: Zombies allow you to have more and more fun with your adventure. When coming to this game, you will be well equipped. And the armor, weapon, gear you have will be the best support for your gameplay.

In this game, there will be no chance to win for people who are scared of zombies. You need to fight, or you will never win this game.


The main thing we have for this game will be battle and story. The story will describe what happened to the world we used to know. And the battle will make clear how to bring back the old world.

This game brings a lot of effects and sounds from real life. You can have a very weird feeling about what could happen in your game. Sometimes this game can give you a jump scare and make you cry.

The weapon you have in this game can be upgraded too. And players need to make their weapons stronger if they want to survive.

When you watch ads from the game, you will have some rewards. You can also get some of them by winning your battle. Use the money you have to make your gear better.

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Free Download

We not only make this game leave it like that, but we will also update it. The fight will never end until you kill all the zombies and save humankind.

There will be some change with the online mode. You can have your battle with other people. This will be the best game for your horror adventure in the doomsday world.

Come back for more games, and we always are here for you!

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