Critical Strike Portable

Critical Strike Portable 3.589 MOD APK for Android in this version will bring you new modes. Counter-Strike Portable is about to make your world full of gunshots.

Counter-Strike Portable for Android is a shooting game. And this game will allow you to compete with other players. Your job in this game will be to fight with the enemy, and sometimes it will be a zombie.

We make this game with the online mode. Players can join with other players from the online world. Team deathmatch will be the best mode that you can join in this game.

Counter-Strike Portable:

In this game, you will have to choose one side of two teams to join. And each team will bring you different weapons to play.

Like the Counter-Terrorist will allow you to use the M4A1. But the Terrorist will not have that fun, and you will use the AK47 instead.

This game also makes skins for players so they can build their outlook. There will be some modes that you can join in this game:

  • Team Deathmatch: each team will have 4 players, and you need to kill your enemy over again till the end. And this match will end when your team hits the right score.
  • Zombie: the one you need to kill in this mode will be Zombie. And they will keep coming until the time is out.
  • Bot Match: this mod in Counter-Strike Portable APK allows you to train your skill. And that will be a good chance for you to improve your technique.

Counter-Strike Portable 3.589 Free Download

We bring you this version of the game for free. If you need more fun, come to our page and download the update for this game. Have fun and watch for that gunshot!

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Critical Force Ltd.

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