Cortana MOD AFK Free Download can be very useful when you have this app on your phone. This Cortana AFK will allow you to manage your phone and files easier.

Cortana AFK is the app you need for your phone. This version of the app will bring you some new changes in features. Let’s see if there is anything you might feel interested in.

Manage your message:

Each message you send to other people will be saved on your device. And you can also see the content of it.

The app will show a small window, and in that window will be anything you can know about the message.


Cortana comes with some apps from other products. You might need them too, so we will suggest them in your app. Users can turn these features off in the setting of the app.

Give question:

This app we have for you will be able to send you some answers to your question. You will need to connect to the internet to run this function.

There will be some time you need to know more about the app. And the function we have added will be the best answer for you.

Keep in touch:

Cortana Mod AFK allows you to keep in touch with other people online. You will need to connect with them first. After that, you will be able to call, text, and send them anything you like.

Current region:

You can come to any country you want, but this app will keep you in the current region. This means there will be no change on your phone when you move to another place.

We will bring you more and more amazing things. For Android, this app will have some updates. So stay with us to have more wonderful features.

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May 19th, 2021
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