Cookie Jam

Cookie Jam apk is a game with light, basic gameplay that does not need many hassles and is incredibly fun, thus these games draw a big number of players.

Cookie Jam apk requires the player to swap positions of the cakes and match at least three cakes of the same type and the same color placed in a horizontal or vertical row. Make them disappear from the screen. Multiple connected cakes will create more unique cakes. In the following turn, this will result in an explosive and delicious sugar explosion.

You’ll board a spacecraft and embark on a new cake adventure in the Cookie Jam app. Drive around gorgeous cake islands and experiment with new recipes. Earn awards along the way and amass a limitless number of goods during special events. Don’t forget to look at what’s new in the shop today!

Cookie Jam app’s main characteristics are as follows:

  1. There are several game types to choose from, each with thousands of levels to explore.
  2. The candy graphics are very colorfully made.
  3. Beautiful artwork and a lively soundtrack.
  4. Many different languages are supported.

Cookie Jam for Android is one of the greatest selections if you’re seeking an amusing puzzle game with light and basic gameplay. The luscious bursts of the game’s candy will melt away your leisure ennui. Download the Cookie Jam app right now to unwind and enjoy more fun.

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Additional information

150.9 MB
Developed by
Jam City, Inc.

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