ClassicBoy 5.5.2 MOD APK for Android free download brings a unique and retro console world. You can play all your favorite old games on your smartphone.

ClassicBoy APK is an excellent alternative if you love classic console games. The application allows running all the classic video games on smartphones.

If you love Gameboy games, then you will love emulators for their fantastic entertainment experiences.

An overview of the app

The app is a great emulator of console games. The application interface is simple, and you can easily control the application to run the emulator on your phone.

The application brings the classic video console, and you can experience the most popular games like Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, PSOne.

If you want to use the app, then you need to download the games in ROM format. You can find a lot of old ROMs online, and all of them are free.

Check out the awesomeness of the app!


ClassicBoy APK brings many attractive points such as:

  • The application provides a powerful emulator, and you can play almost all the classic console games.
  • The application has simple control features, and you can easily control the emulator on your device.
  • The application can be good with other consoles such as Sony, Sega, Nintendo, SNK.
  • The application provides a diverse game store of famous consoles such as Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 1, Nintendo NES, etc.
  • The application allows players to use a joystick or mouse.
  • The app provides auto-save for all games.
  • The application can change the game graphics quality to your liking. You can also change the button positions.


All in all, the app is excellent, and you have a great console experience for Android. The download is free, and installation is easy.

Download the app to have a good time with old console games!

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