Chask 1.3.7 MOD APK for Android free download offers unique dating experiences. You can find many interesting people and have a beautiful love online.

Chask APK is a fun dating app. The application has a high level of information security. The app allows users to dating anonymously. Therefore, no one can know who you are in the app.

Not only does the app offer attractive dating features, but it also doesn’t require any official account from the user.

An overview of the app

The app is an excellent choice if you want to find love online. The app allows you to chat privately with anyone around you.

The application allows users to customize various search criteria. Of course, you can easily chat with people around you through an anonymous account.

Also, you don’t have to send an official photo to anyone. The application ensures privacy so that you will have an excellent experience during use.

However, you still need to provide basic information for the application, such as username, date of birth, gender, and search criteria. The app is easy to install and completely free.

Download the app and check out the unique features of online dating!


Chask Mod APK brings many exciting features such as:

  • The application offers random chats between people who are close to each other. You can make many new friends in the vicinity.
  • The app allows you to block people if you want privacy.
  • The application offers anonymous chats, and you can freely chat with strangers.
  • The application prevents dirty images in every conversation.


In short, the app is an excellent choice if you want to chat anonymously. The app offers exciting conversations, and you can have a great date.

Get the app for Android to make new friends, have private conversations with people, and find true love!

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