callX 9.7 MOD AFK Free Download will allow you to record your call and anything you want. This will be the app that helps you get info from old calls and texts. callX AFK will be free!

callX AFK for Android is the app you need when you receive too many calls in one day. The app will allow you to make your save with all the calls you have. And then you can play them again when you need to get some info from the call.

This app can do a lot of things for your phone. All you need will be to read this post to know them. Let’s see what will be inside this app!

New features inside this app:

The recording tool will auto-start, so you will be able to record your call without making any move. With this, people can not know what you do and when you do the record. After that, you can get the full file of the record and listen to them offline.

callX AFK will be an app that you can download and use on your Android phone. There will be no version you can find on CH Play.

Once you record the call you will see that this app only saves your record in two ways. MP3 and WAV will be the two ways of saving your file. You can also copy these files and listen to them on your PC.

callX work on unknown number:

This app not only works on your contact, but it will also work on your unknown number. This will be a fantastic app when you can record any call you like. We will send you more and more features for this app. And if there is any trouble using it, you can send us a comment. This is a free app for Android!

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