Bromite 90.0.4430.204 MOD APK for Android free download is an excellent choice if you like surfing the web. You will have a better and safer experience when surfing the web.

Bromite APK  is an important and necessary application on smartphones. The app is an excellent alternative to any popular web browser.

The application provides an accessible and efficient web browser. The mechanism of Chromium inspires the application.

An overview of the app

The application allows users to download data (photos, videos, music). In addition, users have a comfortable experience with the built-in adblocker. In addition, the app also offers security and privacy improvements.

If you need a great web browser application, then this is the right choice. The application has many improvements in features, so the application is secure and contains few ads.

If you have used many different web browsers, the app offers a positive experience like Chrome. But the application has many improvements and great functions compared to the Google software.


Bromite Mod APK brings many great features such as:

  • The application provides high security and safety. Therefore, users always feel safe about their personal information and comfortable when accessing websites.
  • The app has a built-in ad blocker (from EasyList, EasyPrivacy, and others). From here, you have a positive experience when visiting the website.
  • The app reduces data consumption, so you’ll save money if you use mobile traffic (instead of Wifi).
  • The app offers popular search engines like DuckDuck Go, Google, Yahoo, and StartPage.
  • You can also customize the user interface, but the customization is not unique.
  • The application allows users to control web browsing and blocking. From here, you have a lot of fun surfing unfamiliar websites.


In short, the app is handy, and you should install it on your smartphone. The application provides a positive browsing experience.

Get the app for Android and discover exciting sites from the app!

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