BalleBaazi 1.0.7 MOD APK Free Download allows you to get in this game like a manager. And you can take part in many cricket matches. BalleBaazi 1.0.7 will be the new version!

BalleBaazi AFK for Android is a game, and this game will allow you to become a dream manager. All you have to do in this game will be build your team and then bring them to compete with others.

There will be many teams that join the contest with you. They will all bring the best players and give all they catch to win you. It would be best if you built your team as well as possible. And there will be no second chance for you in this game. Play smart and try hard!


This game will allow you to use a hundred languages. You can choose the right one that fits you and then use the language to communicate with other players.

The main language will be English, and you can adjust later. BalleBaazi 1.0.7 also allows you to update for more languages. You might find yours there!

Build your team:

You need to build your team with this game. There will be no one who can help you with that. All you need will be to choose the right players. And after that, add them to your team.

That team will be the key for you to win the final trophy of BalleBaazi AFK!


We have some new modes that can please you; they will be:

  • The bowler;
  • The batsman;
  • And Classic mode.

Each mode will ask you to do a different thing. And it would be best if you overcame all the challenges before moving to the next game level. This game is for Android, free and fun!

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