Attack the Light

Attack the Light 1.1.4 MOD APK for Android will bring you to the Steven Universe. This game will have a lot of fun stories to tell you. Attack the Light 1.1.4 is ready for you!

Attack the Light is a game that is based on a cartoon. And we think that you know what this cartoon is all about.

Steve will be the main character in this game. And his friend will help him in the journey to fight with darkness. As long as he is with his gang, there will be nothing he can not do.

Attack the Light:

This game will not let you choose the character of your game. All you have will be Steve. But we think that his skills will be enough to get you out of any trouble.

You will also see the gang of his, such as Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. They all can bring the best fight to you. And they will protect you during your journey.

Attack the Light APK allows you to have your short battle with many bosses. Each one of them will bring you magical items. Collecting items will help you to move to the next stage.

This is a short game, so you only need 80 hours to finish it. And it still depends on how good your skills are. We will add more challenges in the next version.

Attack the Light Free Download

Steven Universe will be a free cartoon, so this will be a free game too. There will be more things you need to explore in this world.

The crystal always contains some mystery. And it would help if you found out by yourself. They will be helpful but not too much, so you also have to try to win!

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