Anthill 1.0.10 Mod APK Free Download will allow you to become an ant commander. This game will avail by phone, and Anthill AFK will be free for your download.

Anthill APK for Android will be the best game we can give you in the tactic category. This game will allow you to meet and train some ant soldiers. You need to help them have food for their life. And then they will follow you and work under your control.

This game will not be easy to play when you have to face an invasion. The other ant nest will come and fight with you. If you nest too weakly and you don’t have enough resources, you will be defeated.

More about the Anthill AFK

There will be some different ant we have in this game. You will have a worker who can build your nest and repair your build.

The soldier one will follow you and jump in the fight with you. These ants will use their life like a tool for your nest to expand. You can believe in them because they are loyal and give all for their nest.

Wing ants will be the best ones who can kill a lot of ants when coming. This kind of soldier ant will allow you to destroy a lot of soldiers in your combat.

Anthill 1.0.10

In this update, we have the fire ant, and they will tear the other army apart. You can use this ant for your combat when there are too many enemy ants.

After any fight, you will have your chance to get some reward. These rewards will be a big opportunity for you to make your nest stronger. So don’t miss your opportunity to have these presents from the game.

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20 MB
Over a year ago
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Thumbstar Games Ltd

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